Mom's Apple pie

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Where do You think I have a love of cooking? Of course from my mom, grandparents (he was a don Cossack - were prepared so delicious that it was possible to swallow a spoon). The recipe for this cake were cut from Newspapers and glued in my mother's notebook with recipes. Of course, I'm a bit of its conversion, but it was still flavorful, delicious and easy to prepare.

Ingredients for Mom's Apple pie

Step by step instruction of cooking Mom's Apple pie

Шаг 1

This cake at a diameter of 20 cm of Apples to peel and slice fairly coarsely.

Шаг 2

To fill the brown sugar, stir.

Шаг 3

Take the paste. In a bowl, mix flour, baking powder, salt, vanilla.

Шаг 4

In another bowl, mix orange juice, vegetable oil and sugar, well beat into a soft mousse with a whisk.

Шаг 5

Will smeshaem the flour into the liquid.

Шаг 6

One by one add eggs and stir well.

Шаг 7

That is obtained the dough.

Шаг 8

Half of the dough spread in the form greased with butter, top with half the apples.

Шаг 9

Then the rest of the dough and apples, sprinkle with almonds.

Шаг 10

Bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees until cooked.