Ice cream "Creme brulee"

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"Crisp, cool, taste the incredible ice cream Creme brulee!" Ice cream with the taste of childhood.

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Ingredients for Ice cream "Creme brulee"

Step by step instruction of cooking Ice cream "Creme brulee"

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As is clear from the name, ice cream crème brûlée is based on caramel. It gives this treat a favorite of many taste and aroma. For the caramel you need to take 40 g of fine brown sugar Mistral. It melts quickly and gives a very good result.

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Sugar pour into a saucepan with a handle and put on a strong fire. When the sugar begins to melt, several times to twist the pan from side to side, it will melt more evenly. We get such candy. Add 40 g of milk and continue to cook. The caramel will swell, but then disperse in milk. Boil the syrup a few minutes, it should slightly thicken.

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Continue cooking caramel kiselak. The remaining sugar (60 g) RUB with starch and powdered milk, add a little milk and RUB well to avoid lumps. Add the remaining milk, add caramel syrup and, with continuous stirring, heated to boiling. The mixture should thicken and turn into kiselak. Remove from heat, if necessary, strain or puree them in a blender so that the mixture was homogeneous. Let cool under the hood first at room temperature then in the fridge. The mixture is cooled faster, you can put it in a bowl of ice water.

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Well-chilled cream, beat to a light foam. No need to beat until thick cream, as if frozen in the ice cream may turn into butter.

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Gently combine the cream with the milk Kyselka.

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Freeze in ice cream maker according to instructions, then put in the freezer for a few hours. If there is no ice cream maker, you can put container with a mixture (preferably a metal) in the freezer, stirring every hour, ice cream, and freeze to desired consistency.