Roll of pork shank in a slow cooker

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A great appetizer for the holiday table and for everyday. Very tasty, taste like pork, but much softer and juicier!

Ingredients for Roll of pork shank in a slow cooker

Step by step instruction of cooking Roll of pork shank in a slow cooker

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Cut across the length and carefully cut the bone.
A little meat can be beat. Season with salt and pepper, add the pressed garlic.

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Tight collapsible reservoir in a roll and zamatyvaem strong thread.

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In the bowl multivarki put a handful of washed onion peel, Bay leaf, onions, salt.

Шаг 4

Put on top of loaf and pour water to loaf was fully in the water.

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I multivarka VITEK VT-4215 BW, I was prepared on the mode to "Extinguish" time 2 hours 30 minutes.

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After completing the program to get the loaf, allow to cool, then refrigerate for 2 hours, then remove the skin.
The roll is served as cold cuts or making him sandwiches and other cold snacks.