Pork chop baked with pesto sauce

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A great way to make the meat even tastier. The dish is perfect not only for everyday lunch or dinner, but for the holiday table.

Ingredients for Pork chop baked with pesto sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Pork chop baked with pesto sauce

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The dish is cooked in multivarka VITEK 4212-BK.

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The pesto I had prepared in advance.
This time its membership consisted of: olive oil, Basil, small bunch of arugula, a small bunch of parsley, pine nuts, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, a little Parmesan, salt.
All the ingredients to combine and grind in a blender. If zagotavlivali sauce in advance in a sterilized jar to put the sauce and pour on top olive oil, close the lid.

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To combine pesto with grated on a fine grater cheese.

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A piece of pork wash, dry paper towel to make cuts width of about 1cm (not cutting through the piece to end).
In every slice put the stuffing.

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Packed with meat and bind with cooking string or put on top of cooking grid for baking rolls, or, as practice shows, it is possible to use an elastic tubular bandage, it is also perfectly retains the shape of the meat when baking.

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Remove the veins from meat, cut into serving pieces and...
Bon appetit!

p.s. the next day, if the meat is left, of course, it can be used on sandwiches, thinly sliced like the pork.