Pancakes with amaranth flour

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Always wanted to buy amaranth flour, but all to it somehow did not reach. The point of my dreams put pancake week))) purchased Flour (do not consider for advertising) remained the only recipe for pancakes to find that not was easy, and the recipe for pancakes was honestly "stolen" chef "delikatesy". And then, almost with precision, played by me. Pancakes very much, so I decided to share with the cooks. Moreover, these pancakes don't have to cook on pancake day, they are ideal, for example, and just for dinner.

Ingredients for Pancakes with amaranth flour

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes with amaranth flour

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While the dough is resting, put the stew for the filling, rice and eggs. I did it with the help of a slow cooker - at the same time: in the bowl of rice in the container-double boiler eggs. Mode "rice/cereals" for 30 minutes.

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Fry the pancakes.
Everything, as usual. In my opinion, even and paint is not worth it, HOW to fry pancakes))

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From these ingredients I got 12 pieces of pancakes.
The finished pancakes aside and prepare the filling.

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Stuffed with pancakes and Bon APPETIT!