Homemade quail

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Very sorry for pictures!!! I wasn't going to put the recipe, but in the end changed my mind:) I will Say that never did quail (I was told that they are dry and hard). But we brought 15 maciuszek))) home, not those (as I call Our Ryaba-artificial chickens), and I decided to cook! You be the judge, but you better try)))

Ingredients for Homemade quail

Step by step instruction of cooking Homemade quail

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1) My our quail! Cut like chicken!
As I was seasoning for this dish, I decided that something to do with quail.
Washed, dried and rubbed with salt and pepper.
For the marinade sour cream mixed with mayonnaise and garlic (pressed with garlic press) and add seasoning.
Our quail rubbed with a marinade, folded in the pot and in the fridge overnight.

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After a night in a marinade of our birds ready for cooking)))
On a heated pan add vegetable oil and fry our birds. I tolkushkoy for mashed potatoes pressed them so they were flat.