Hot vinaigrette

432 - 90 минут 8 порции

Recipe for Lenten table. But this salad eats with great pleasure my whole family, although we have no one fasts. Try it and you, I hope the recipe you like! In fact, it is a vegetable stew. Its me - still quite a young lady, teach you to cook Auntie. My family immediately dubbed it "hot salad". Salinity I served separately: cucumbers, mushrooms. Here's a boletus, for example. Of course, a purely vegetable in this dish most of all I love. This is a wonderful option for diet and for fasting. For men there are variations: add meat, chicken, a stew with mushrooms. And everything will be as delicious and flavorful. Just a little satisfying. But I prefer the chicken bake separately. By the way, before this dish I was cooking in the casserole on the stove. With the advent of the slow cooker process is simplified.

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