Soup "the East"

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Lean cuisine I'm interested in for many years, love to collect interesting recipes and invent your own. During strict fasting me very often helps tomato paste and soy sauce. These two ingredients can vary in virtually any simple dish. This year my birthday falls in the days of fasting, so for the holiday table, I'll cook an amazing soup with soy sauce, the recipe of which I want to share with you. I hope that he will rescue you!

for Lent

Ingredients for Soup "the East"

Step by step instruction of cooking Soup "the East"

Шаг 1

The required ingredients.

Шаг 2

2 liters of water pour into a saucepan (with a capacity of 2.5 l min.) and put to boil.

Шаг 3

Onions finely crumble.

Шаг 4

Carrots grate on medium grater.

Шаг 5

Pepper cut into cubes.

Шаг 6

One half chopped onion lightly fried in sunflower oil.

Шаг 7

Add the mushrooms. Fry 15 min.

Шаг 8

While the mushrooms are roasting, in a pot of boiling water, add the second part of the onions and all the carrots after boiling, the fire abated.

Шаг 9

In vegetable broth add sauteed mushrooms.

Шаг 10

And add bell pepper. Cook for 15 min.

Шаг 11

Add buckwheat noodles, mix gently.

Шаг 12

Add to taste soy sauce (in this volume I have out of about 10 tablespoons of soy sauce) and a little salt. Cook for 2-3 minutes to Give the soup to stand 10 minutes.

Шаг 13

The soup and garnish with greens. Served with vegetable sauce and buckwheat bread. Bon appetit!