Kiev cake

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Delicious cake with meringue, pistachio flavor and chocolate.

Ingredients for Kiev cake

Step by step instruction of cooking Kiev cake

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Make a meringue. Vzbit in a solid foam proteins.

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Add the sugar, gradually.

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Put into the form and bake in the oven at t=150*C for 40 minutes. Better meringue bake in a Teflon pan (this is my opinion and experience has shown).
I posted a chaotic way.

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Cake: beat butter with sugar, add yolks. In sour cream soda, stir, pour in the yolk mass. And at the end flour. Mix well.

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Lay out in the oiled form. Hands to moisten with water, smooth. Bake for 25 minutes at t=180*

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Make the cream. Beat the butter, whisking, slowly pour in the condensed milk, a pinch of vanilla. I had the usual, not boiled.
Put in the fridge.

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Make walnut cake. Nuts pre promolot.
Beat eggs with sugar and add ground nuts. Nuts (pistachios or hazelnuts), it is desirable to have done.

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Pour into pan and bake for 40 minutes, at t-100*. Allow to cool. Very well go out of shape.

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All cakes are ready and the cream, start assembling the cake. Due to the fact that I needed a cake in the evening, I was impregnated sponge cakes syrup.
1. Sponge cake cut into 2 parts, lightly soaked with syrup, spread cream.
2. After put the nut layer, spread the cream.
3. Biscuit, syrup (lightly) and cream.
4. Put on top of the final layer of meringue.

Шаг 11

5. Melted chocolate chips and hot view from above "scattered" in the meringue. Without chocolate (This is my interpretation).
Enjoy your tea! :D