Pancakes on milk

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The recipe for a delicious thin pancakes with milk. To prepare pancakes easy, I have the most common traditional recipe for pancakes. Which baked by my beloved mother for our family, she loves to cook the pancake batter it in fresh milk. No more recipes she does not recognize. And in fact, these pancakes are, in my opinion, is the most popular. Because these pancakes can be eaten with jam or sour cream. Also they can be cooked with any stuffing. Kids love sweet toppings, cheese toppings, fruit. As well especially our men like meat and can do a variety of meat toppings.

Ingredients for Pancakes on milk

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Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes on milk

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In a bowl, with a mixer combine flour, margarine, salt, eggs and 200 ml milk. Beat on low speed to avoid lumps.

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Gradually add 600 ml of milk and continue to mix dough, the dough will be liquid.

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Cover with cling film, leave for 30 minutes, the flour will disperse, and the dough will be thicker.

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Present in the dough add the remaining milk, stir, look at the consistency of the dough. The thickness of the dough depends on the flour you use.

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On a hot pancake pan, bake pancakes on both sides.

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Ready pancakes grease with butter.

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Bon appetit!