Milk and honey dessert made with dried apples

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The past summer was productive for apples. Other blanks were made, and the stocks of dried fruits. Most often they are used for preparation of compotes and fillings for pies. But if from dried fruit to cook pudding for dessert? Found for these purposes, the recipe passed with honours, is now offering it to you. Jelly can be used not only as dessert but also as a sauce for pancakes or crepes.

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Ingredients for Milk and honey dessert made with dried apples

Step by step instruction of cooking Milk and honey dessert made with dried apples

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The apples should be washed, pour water (4 cups), seethe until mushy state.

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Punching blender. For a more uniform consistency to RUB through a sieve.

Шаг 3

Add brown sugar universal TM Mistral, bring to a boil. The amount of sugar according to its taste.

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To enter the starch dissolved in half a glass of water. Mix thoroughly. Bring to a boil with vigorous stirring, otherwise the pudding will burn.

Шаг 5

Pour into forms. My family consists of three people, so I used three bowl and jelly left. It, by the way, can be successfully used as a dessert sauce for pancakes and fritters.

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In order that the jelly is not formed, the film must be covered with a small amount of sugar. I sprinkled brown universal TM Mistral. A little cool. Feeding can be in the form of heat or cold.

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When serving, decorate with the frosted corn flakes (or any other you prefer), they also served the dessert to pour as needed.

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The consistency of the dessert is something of a cross between mashed potatoes and non-liquid jelly, that is not quite the usual jelly. If you want to get more "honey" option, increase the amount of water and starch. Very tasty!