Caramel millet porridge

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Variety to the usual Breakfast. Millet porridge cooked in the scalded milk, caramel flavour, creamy, color creme brulee...

Ingredients for Caramel millet porridge

Step by step instruction of cooking Caramel millet porridge

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The dish is cooked in multivarka VITEK 4212-BK.

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Rinse millet under running water. Pour into the bowl multivarki.

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By the way, baked milk I cooked it in a slow cooker, too, yesterday. For its preparation you need to pour the milk into the bowl of the slow cooker (I cooked 2 l), enable "QUENCHING" set time - 2H. 30min. (in my model it is the maximum, therefore, such preparation was cycle two, i.e. at the end of time to run this function repeatedly, for a total simmering time to 5 hours, if you think this is not enough, then just continue to simmer the milk), place in a bowl insert for roasting (it goes), in order to avoid "escape" milk "home", close the lid and go about their business - the slow cooker is working and you are resting!)) The milk should be pasteurized use, i.e. with a minimal shelf life and quality. It is advisable not to open the lid while simmering, otherwise there is a risk to many foams and low on milk.
Now, pour the melted milk millet.

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The remaining milk (100 ml.) combine with egg and caramel sauce (about a step below the sauce), whisk. Instead of milk you can use heavy cream, then the texture will be more creamy. You can also vary the amount of caramel in its taste.

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I made the caramel in advance. Ways of cooking the caramel sauce a lot, and on our website they are presented, but just in case, describe your.
For the caramel sauce we need:
sugar - 100 g
butter - 40 g
cream (20%) - 200 ml
salt - 1/4 tsp
In a saucepan pour the sugar, heated over a fire to amber in colour, it is desirable to heat the cookware evenly distributed (if the gas stove, uniform heating more difficult to achieve, in this case, you can add 1 tablespoon of water, but it is better to try without it). Sugar is not stir, just tilt the pan in different directions. Reduce heat, gradually adding the oil, continuously stirring the contents, add salt. Heat the cream (I put a wad of cream in moderately hot water, not boiling water). Pour the cream in a thin stream, not forgetting to stir the caramel. Ovarium sauce for 10-15 minutes, again- stir. The sauce can be used as a topping for ice cream, dessert, crepes, pancakes, various cereals, for the layer/the filling of the cupcake, add in the cream cake and so on...

Upon completion of program time, add to cereal milk-caramel mixture, stir and leave for "heating" for 20 minutes. During cooking, the texture can be adjusted if the porridge according to your taste, it turns out thick, just add milk and continue cooking, if the porridge is watery in your opinion, increase the time "heating", the porridge thickens.