Almond milk

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Almond milk is a healthy and tasty product. While fasting is very helpful in maintain the body in vigor and health and in the preparation of many dishes, especially baked goods. My recipe advised me to one mother and it differs from already existing on the site. I hope you'll appreciate!

Ingredients for Almond milk

Step by step instruction of cooking Almond milk

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Almonds are washed, we scald with boiling water and pour boiled water at room temperature. Leave overnight to swell.

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The water is drained and fill with boiling water, leave for 10 min.

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Pour the boiling water and almonds clean.

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In a blender well scrollable almonds 0, 5 liters of cold boiled water and 2 tablespoons sugar. Pour the remaining half liter of water.

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Strain through a folded in two layers of cheesecloth, squeeze. It turns out 1 liter of milk.

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Milk stored in the refrigerator in glass containers of not more than 2 days. Can be drunk in pure form, ready to add to cereal and use in baking. To your health!