Pearl barley dessert and rafaelki

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With groats I met recently, but loved forever. Now teach your family to eat this healthy and tasty cereal. As it turns out. Husband with daughters when they ate this mess haven't guessed what it is. When he learned that conventional barley, the surprise was not the limit. I seem to have been able to overcome the persistent memories from kindergarten or school. That's why she was there is not delicious? Toli not know how to cook it or did not really want. Ask why the dessert "pearl", but in fact he is from pearl barley, and "pearl" - it is old Russian name of the pearls. So groats pearl))) so come on in for a delicious barley! Today I have 2 recipes in one. Two types of feed barley porridge.

for Lent

Ingredients for Pearl barley dessert and rafaelki

Step by step instruction of cooking Pearl barley dessert and rafaelki

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I pearl barley well washed, and boiled 3 times for 7 minutes each time draining the water and pouring fresh

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Shifted in a pot, filled with a mixture of water and coconut maloka, salt, pokharel and sent in the oven at 100 degrees for 3 hours. During this time the barley seethe, acquired and buttery in texture, filled with coconut flavor

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Brown sugar to melt in the pan

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Orange filerotate and fry in brown sugar for a couple of minutes Here to squeeze orange juice left in the membranes of oranges

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On the bottom kremanki put a spoonful of hot caramel apelsinka, then coconut barley and from above to lay a cap of caramel apelsinka

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Another option serving: apricots steamed with boiling water for 1 hour, cut finely, mix with coconut pearl barley porridge

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Roll into balls size of a walnut

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Roll in coconut flakes

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