Yogurt dressing for salads and To

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Girls, this simple preset I use every day. Two minutes-and the spring freshness in a glass! Or, in a plate...

Ingredients for Yogurt dressing for salads and To

Step by step instruction of cooking Yogurt dressing for salads and To

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Slightly izmelchitel cucumber and garlic with a knife, place in the blender along with mint, salt and two spoons of yogurt.

Шаг 2

Well chop blender

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Add the remaining yogurt and the ball blender for 10 seconds until the light foam. ALL

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Polucilosi light fresh dressing for vegetables. And now about the company. Pour into a glass 1/3 of the yogurt and add silnogazirovannoy mineral water. Get a refreshing drink with a taste of spring! And if you drink add a spoonful of mustard-so spicy delicious filling for hash! Bon appetit!