The cocktail sauce

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Here you saw my recipe "Shrimp Malabar". This spicy sweet and sour sauce is perfect for these shrimp, and all seafood. It is quite simple to prepare and most importantly - there is only natural fresh ingredients without any additives, stabilizers, thickeners, etc.

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Ingredients for The cocktail sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking The cocktail sauce

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1. Prepare the products.

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2. Take minced garlic and cilantro.

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3. Fry the garlic in a small quantity of vegetable oil. The slices of garlic should resemble a roast chips, i.e. to be crispy. But look, not Iriarte.

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4. Add to garlic finely chopped coriander and continue to fry for 10 seconds, no more. Cilantro should not lose its bright green color. Spread from the pan and allow to cool.

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5.5. Take lemon juice and add the honey.

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6. Then soy sauce Kikkoman.

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7. Whisk the mixture with a mixer.

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9. Add the garlic and cilantro. Whisk for about 10 more seconds to distribute evenly (but not grind). The sauce should have a touch of crispy fried garlic.

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10. Put the sauce and serve with shrimp.
Bon appetit!