Barley porridge with pepper and tomatoes

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I suggest You to cook healthy, hearty dish. Suitable for all who are dieting or fasting

Ingredients for Barley porridge with pepper and tomatoes

Step by step instruction of cooking Barley porridge with pepper and tomatoes

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Onion peel and cut into half rings. Clean the carrots, cut into large julienne strips and finely chop garlic. Then, in a deep pan, put on medium heat, add olive oil. When oil is hot, add the onions, carrots and garlic. Fry the vegetables for 7-10 minutes stirring constantly.

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Then add the vegetables, pearl barley and cook, stirring, about 5 minutes.

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I used pearl barley "barley" TM "Mistral", for which I thank Larochka (Stall).

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Clean pepper and cut in small pieces. Add to pan with tomato paste, mashed tomatoes (I used canned), bell peppers, and 800 ml of hot water. Water may need a little more.
Prepare our barley on low heat under a lid, stirring occasionally, until tender

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When the barley is ready, add salt and pepper. If the sauce turned out sour, add a little sugar.