Fruit dessert "Who wants some watermelon?"

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"Now is not the season of watermelons!" say you're absolutely right! "No problem!" I say, "because if you have a very small set of products, you can make your watermelon, with a rich flavor diversity." help yourself!

Ingredients for Fruit dessert "Who wants some watermelon?"

Step by step instruction of cooking Fruit dessert "Who wants some watermelon?"

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From orange squeeze juice. We need not more than 75 ml. of Yogurt, I use homemade - it tastes better and more useful (subject to the rules of cooking). But if your refrigerator revealed only purchase, no problem, and it is useful.
Now, whisk the yogurt with the orange juice and marmalade. You can add powdered sugar if the orange unsweetened. But I was lucky, I had a very tasty and sweet! You can also add a little cherry syrup or juice, for color (optional).

Шаг 2

Crumble the chocolate, and easy to to do using peelers.

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Put our halves of lime in the form that they had the support and future content is not overturned. And pour yogurt mixture to half. On top lay a few pieces of chocolate - this is the future of watermelon seeds.

Шаг 4

If the yogurt mixture is liquid, then put into the fridge, so she grabbed (and then continue to cook). If thick, then fill to the brim limes yogurt weight. Put in the freezer until fully cured.

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After a time we reach our limes, let them warm up for 1-2 minutes, not more, and cut into three parts (dipping the knife in hot water). It is very convenient to use a bread knife.