Turkey with mashed potatoes

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This recipe from the chef I saw in our Tyumen cooking gear "Two in the kitchen," devoted to Valentine's day. Saw and ran to cook your sweetheart) Bribed its simple and interesting cooking process. It turned out really delicious! Finally decided to share it with all the cooks. This is my first recipe, so please do not judge strictly)))

for Valentine's Day

Ingredients for Turkey with mashed potatoes

Step by step instruction of cooking Turkey with mashed potatoes

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Now quickly put indeeco from the frying pan to the foil on top of each other and wrap. This is necessary in order to Turkey "came" up to the end prepared inside and at the same time remained juicy. Cover with a towel and set aside.

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In a pan, pour a little sesame oil (or any other aromatic, the original was oil with truffle aroma), milk (or cream, who wants fatter) and turmeric. Mix all and warmed almost to a boil.

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Little by little, carefully add mashed potatoes and stir thoroughly. Make a fragrant mass of delicate orange. If you want brighter, you can add more turmeric, just be careful: you can overdo it, and will taste good. Here and ready our mashed potatoes)

Шаг 4

The Turkey unfold, cut (or leave), the blend of sauce, decorate with greens and serve) Enjoy)))

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You can also boil the broccoli, chop the tomatoes and add to a bowl. Last time I did so. Bon appetit!

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Our meat is generously rubbed with salt, pepper and dried herbs (a pinch of each) on one side, leave for 5 minutes, turn over and RUB with the other. Leave her alone for 10-15 minutes. Seasonings you can use any, what to like.

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Zamarinovat steak fry on well-heated vegetable oil on one side a couple minutes until Golden brown..

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.. and on the other, too, until crisp.

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It is important that the middle of the steak was white, that is, from the outside was not raw pink areas. So.