Vegetable shashlik

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Love to meat kebabs I have very long, but the vegetable kebab, I discovered a couple of years ago. I tried lots of things and picked combinations of vegetables to find the perfect, which are cooked evenly to the desired state, and finally I found this composition. Treat yourselves, friends.

Ingredients for Vegetable shashlik

Step by step instruction of cooking Vegetable shashlik

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Wanted to tell you why I use this combination - zucchini, tomato and onion. I love it when the onion and zucchini stay crisp inside, and the tomato turns to mush, but soft enough. Together, they perfectly harmonize between themselves and with meat or fish.

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Zucchini cut into rings about 1 cm thick, tomato cut into slices too thick 1 sm onion into quarters.

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Before cooking the kebabs need to marinate. To do this, I take a jar, lay out the zucchini, tomato and onions, sprinkled them with olive oil sauce in a wok (if not, then replace soy) and a pinch of Cayenne hot pepper.

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Put vegetables on top of each other layers, each layer pouring oil or sauce and sprinkling of pepper.

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Close the jar and shake vigorously. It is important that all the vegetables were covered in sauce. Leave to marinate for 1-2 hours.

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Prepare the coals until they are heated, our vegetables strung on skewers, alternating them.

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Lay vegetables on grill and cook 15 minutes, turning periodically. If you see that the vegetables start to burn, then wash it down with leftover marinade.

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Put the cooked vegetables on a plate and serve.