Sour cream cheese cream

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Faced with the fact that store-bought sour cream is not always gives the expected result in the preparation of the cream, add the thickener did not want, poeksperimentirovat and went thick the forming cream. Try your favorite cakes, hope you enjoy it. The taste is the same, and the result is reliable!

Ingredients for Sour cream cheese cream

Step by step instruction of cooking Sour cream cheese cream

Шаг 1

Whisk the sour cream with sugar and vanilla sugar on high speed until the sugar is dissolved. Add condensed milk ( not boiled), and beat. Now enter tablespoons of curd. And get a thick cream. Condensed milk can be added if you want the usual sour taste. But my sour cream was too sour, I wanted to add sweet and milk flavor. Came out quite interesting.

Шаг 2

Here he is in the manna, well-soaked, not dry, sweet and sour, not sugary. Decorate cakes based on sponge cake, cupcake dough or like me, manna. Quick and easy cream. Good cooking cakes!

Шаг 3

R. s. Cut the manna, the cream on top.