Cereal milkshake "Banana Paradise"

96 - 20 минут 2 порции

What cuuuute! Recipes milk shakes a lot, but I want to share the personally own. Useful sweetness and lots of fun!

Ingredients for Cereal milkshake "Banana Paradise"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cereal milkshake "Banana Paradise"

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Here our products

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Grind the banana to a pulp with a fork

Шаг 3

Milk, beat until fluffy foam

Шаг 4

Add in milk, mashed bananas

Шаг 5

Put all bran and carefully whisk

Шаг 6

Turned out fluffy delicious mass. Put it in the fridge to reflect on for 15-20 minutes

Шаг 7

When the time comes, pour your cocktail into glasses, add a drop of caramel vrapcici and decorate with a slice of banana

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I have a topping, so I decided to use it. Beautiful and sweet!
Bad cocktail!