Tarts with pudding

101 - 30 минут 18 порции

Liked me in the Internet cheesecake pudding, but they were on shortcrust pastry. Decided to try classic for yeast. Came out very tasty. All enjoy your tea!

Ingredients for Tarts with pudding

Step by step instruction of cooking Tarts with pudding

Шаг 1

In accordance with the instructions for HP zakladove ingredients. I have the yeast first, because mode "dough" with maturation. And so, yeast, flour, salt, sugar, butter, melted and cooled, sour cream mixed with whey and pour, pour vodka, beat the eggs with vanilla sugar and pour in. Set mode "dough", and forget. I 2ч20мин. Probably not worth mentioning, but it is possible and sponge method.

Шаг 2

Now mix pudding with 4 spoons of milk, carefully to avoid lumps.

Шаг 3

The remaining milk boil, remove from heat, pour in the mixture, stirring with a whisk, put on fire and cook for 1-3min. The finished pudding is closed by a film, allow it to cool.

Шаг 4

Get abenaim dough.

Шаг 5

Divide into 5-6 parts. Give up. I do in the microwave, 800 for 10 sec, after 10 minutes, once for 10 sec.

Шаг 6

Start forming cheesecakes. Osipyan ball, 4-5 cm in diameter, roll out and center the glass make a donation.

Шаг 7

In deepening put a tablespoon of pudding on top, add raisins or pieces of fruit.

Шаг 8

Put under the film in a warm place. When the cheesecakes will increase in 2 times, grease with egg yolk and milk in a preheated 180 oven for 30 minutes.

Шаг 9

Take it out and drink tea! Bon appetit!