Jam of three citrus

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Jam from Stelios Pallaresa. Simple! And Delicious!

Ingredients for Jam of three citrus

Step by step instruction of cooking Jam of three citrus

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Fruit a good wash, folded in a large pan (I did 2-tion). Pour water so that the fruits were covered and cook until soft. Check the readiness with a fork.

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The cooked fruit to cool and dry.

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Cut into thin slices. Fruit should not be overripe. I had overripe lemons-the photo shows. But the taste is not affected. The seeds of the fruit removed. Weigh the fruit along with stand out from them juice.

Шаг 4

Add the sugar. Put on slow fire and cook for 20-30 min after start the jam squish. The hot jam is poured into sterile jars. Double the number I got a 3 - 650 g banks.