Brisket cooked in vaccinia

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I suggest to all happy owners of vicinity cook it here is a delicacy. Taste and - as the store-bought cooked smoked brisket, only much better! The skin is thin, transparent. For a snack, and sandwich a piece of black bread, smeared with mustard necessarily - just super! I cook it in the slow cooker. But you can try in a normal pan and in the oven.

Ingredients for Brisket cooked in vaccinia

Step by step instruction of cooking Brisket cooked in vaccinia

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The liquid is then drained. Pour in a bowl liquid smoke and bacon grease them with a brush.
Cover with film and leave for about half an hour.

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Then each piece evenly sprinkle dry gelatin, put the Bay leaf and laid in vecinity, inside of the bag, folding ring cloth out. If you have a wide breast-protruding ends cut off and stuff inside.

I had three thick but narrow piece. I was cut into two layers each and were laid out thus: first, the one with the sandpaper, then a second turn in a tight ring and pushed inside.
Then second floor, then third. To well stuck together, each floor should be sprinkled with gelatin.

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Then tighten the upper end of the sleeve, close the lid and slip the springs.
Put in a saucepan multivarki, pour hot water and cook on mode Suppression for two hours.
Allow to cool, remove and refrigerate overnight right in the sleeve.
In the morning we get such a beauty. It turns out about one hundred pounds finished product.