Vegetable stew with smoked meat

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Vegetable stew do everything differently. I propose my version. Very simple, but really delicious! All the vegetables are cooked in their own juice, impregnated with the fragrances of each other, and in addition to everything else, and the aroma of smoked meat... basically, I only vegetables, but men love meat, so supplementing is a riot of colors and aromas of vegetables with slices of cooked smoked pork shank and get a dish that is impossible to put down:)

Ingredients for Vegetable stew with smoked meat

Step by step instruction of cooking Vegetable stew with smoked meat

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Usually I cook a vegetable stew, when it so happens that in the fridge for a long time already lying around 1 zucchini, 1 eggplant, some cabbage, a couple of Bulgarian peppers... In General, collect all the vegetables, add a delicious meat that does not require prolonged heat treatment, and prepare yummy:)

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Vegetables should be shredded.
Potato slices about 0.5 cm thick carrot slices not very thin, but not thick. Onion rings, garlic slices.

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Pepper cut into squares. I had 2 yellow and 1 red.

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Zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes cut into circles. The thicker zucchini, eggplant a little thinner. If the vegetables are thick, you can cut circles even in half.

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Cabbage also try not to make it too small. Shred, as it will, into segments.

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Now, take Tolstoganova pan and start laying the components. If you have a pressure cooker, better to take it, will be faster.
First, on the bottom put half of the meat, its cut pieces. Since meat is the layer of fat, no oil on the bottom is not added. On top of the layer of meat spread the onion circles. Lightly salted and percu.

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Next a layer of potatoes (your favorite seasonings), layer carrots, garlic. You can prikalivaet and add spices on each layer, through the layer, see for yourself.

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Then add the remaining layers of meat, cabbage, eggplant, red pepper. The point is that all of the vegetables should be laid on the principle that the longer a vegetable is cooked, the lower the faster, the higher.