Vegetables and salmon in foil

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For this dish (Japanese Saka-Mushi) vegetables and salmon wrapped in foil and steamed on the grill, in the oven or on the coals on the grate of the grill in its own juices with the addition of sake and soy sauce. In order to expand the beautiful bags, foil fish and vegetables, you will need to work hard, but, opening the packet, you'll see something lovely as a summer garden. This method of cooking - without a drop of oil, makes this dish perfect for a healthy diet.

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Ingredients for Vegetables and salmon in foil

Step by step instruction of cooking Vegetables and salmon in foil

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Prepare the products you see in this picture.

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If you have dry shiitake mushrooms that I soaked overnight.
In the morning mix in a bowl soy sauce TM Kikkoman and sake.
The fish cut is not very large and marinated in a mixture of soy sauce and sake.

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Slice the carrots on a special grater slices and cut with a special shape or with a knife such flowers.

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Take a sheet of foil about the size of 20x30. To cast a bed of thinly sliced zucchini. Put the marinated fish, it is folded in half lengthwise cut the green onions crosswise.

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Put chopped asparagus, shiitake mushrooms and flowers from carrots. Pour the remaining marinade on the vegetables.

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Fold the foil envelope, sealing each edge. Make three envelope into three portions. Put them on the grill.

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To ignite the grill. When the coals are covered with a white coating of ash. You can put the bars with our envelopes on the coals. Keep 10min. on one side, then 10 mins on the other. When the envelope will be blown up like a balloon,- the dish is ready.

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Served with soy sauce Kikkoman

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Well if you are lucky with the weather as well as lucky for us.
Bon appetit.