Smoothie "Trang"

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Staying here was like 3 months in Vietnam, we tried a bunch of different tropical cocktails and smoothies, experimenting in the kitchen with the blender yourself, but still, in my opinion, it's not tried. With you I want to share with one of the most successful alcoholic drinks, which comes out at the same time soft, juicy and refreshing.

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Ingredients for Smoothie "Trang"

Step by step instruction of cooking Smoothie "Trang"

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Our products (rum, orange, since orange, but apelsinovaja he only color, and in a cardboard box condensed milk))

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The recipe is simple: peel the dragon fruit, cut in a blender, then put all the remaining ingredients together with ice and turn on the most powerful mode of grinding. The amount of rum can increase or decrease at your discretion.

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Shake it turns out fresh, very silky and delicate in taste. Heartily recommend to find dragon fruit in the supermarket and try!