Fruit ice Lolly

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So come summer, I want something tasty, refreshing, beautiful. Yes, so even the dessert was natural and did not harm the figure. Friends requests? Well, this dish meets all the requirements. Try it and see for yourself!

for Lent

Ingredients for Fruit ice Lolly

Step by step instruction of cooking Fruit ice Lolly

Шаг 1

Select the fruit from which you want to cook dessert.
This time I took strawberries, grapes, peaches, cherries, kiwi and banana.

Шаг 2

Fruit wash and cut into slices. The nicer the cut, the more it will look spectacular ice cream.

Шаг 3

It is necessary to make "fill" for dessert. She will unite all the pieces of fruit will turn an ordinary salad into fruit miracle) I make her a two-component.
1) Fresh juice of one large orange (about 130 gr.)
2) Brewed with boiling water sprig of mint and a couple of leaves of currant (you can just use a bag of mint tea, store-bought) with the addition of half a teaspoon of honey.

Шаг 4

I use these containers, but, in principle, resourceful people with a good imagination can easily be replaced by anything.

Kiwi slices and strawberries are gently laid out along the walls of the mold. The remaining space to fill with other fruits.
The more fruits and berries in ice cream, so it is more nutritious, more useful and tastier ;)

Шаг 5

Add to the juice a few spoons of tea (I add about four tablespoons as the fruit is usually put to the eyeballs and to fill a lot of space remains)

Pour a mixture of forms of fruit and put them in the fridge for 7 hours, or overnight.

Шаг 6

Bon appetit!