The Sauce Is "Baby"

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The sauce I called "Baby" because of his two years ago came up with my 10 year old son. Since then, he's a constant companion on our table. Very easy to prepare and is suitable for pasta and meat fish. With barbeque and well, just yummy...

Ingredients for The Sauce Is "Baby"

Step by step instruction of cooking The Sauce Is "Baby"

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Onions cut into half rings thinly. Greens (how you like dill, cilantro, petrushechka) cut finely. Sprinkle everything with lemon juice.

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Onions and herbs stir and gently muddle.

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Pour into the bowl of tomato puree. He who has no tomato paste diluted tomato juice to the consistency of mayonnaise.

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This sauce is perfect for all pasta products: vermicelli, noodles, ravioli, etc. And my kids even eat it with dumplings...