Frittata with rice and vegetables

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Frittata is an Italian omelet is prepared with fillings of rice, cheese, vegetables, sausage or meat. Usually a Frittata is cooked on the stove, then bring to readiness in the oven. Turns out very tasty and colorful dish.

Ingredients for Frittata with rice and vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Frittata with rice and vegetables

Шаг 1

Onlynow prepare the filling: beat the eggs with milk in a blender and add the fresh herbs and spices.

Шаг 2

Boil the rice according to instructions. In the slightly cooled rice, add the saffron, half omletes fill and mix.

Шаг 3

Fry in olive oil chopped vegetables; carrots, green beans, add to it the corn, peas and spices.

Шаг 4

Cut the greens and cut into thin slices of sausage.

Шаг 5

Preheat the oven to 190 C. take out t baking molds, I have silicone, they should not be lubricated. Each cell on the spread rice.

Шаг 6

In figure put vegetable stuffing.

Шаг 7

Pour the stuffing beaten eggs.

Шаг 8

Cover it with slices of sausage and send the molds in the oven for 20-30 minutes, bake until Golden brown.

Шаг 9

Take out from the oven the molds, a little cool and put the Frittata on a plate. Decorate a Frittata with cherry halves and served cold or hot, with sour cream with green salad and crusty bread. Can be wrapped in a leaf of lettuce, on top put a spoonful of sour cream and enjoy.

Bon appetit!