Liqueur a La "Bailey" mint

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A-La - because it is homemade, but the liqueur is Very tasty. In fact, a real Irish Baileys is a combination of cream, whiskey and alcohol. But the house counterpart of this pretty expensive liqueur made with vodka, milk and condensed milk, the taste is very similar. The ingredients can vary depending on what kind of homemade recipe of Baileys you prefer. After all, in addition to the traditional Baileys Original there are also variations with chocolate, coffee, mint and caramel flavor. So choose your...

Ingredients for Liqueur a La "Bailey" mint

Step by step instruction of cooking Liqueur a La "Bailey" mint

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The first is to master the classic recipe of Baileys. Starting from the basic composition, you will be able to experiment and, in the end, you will know how to make Baileys, which will suit you.
Whisk half of the cream with vanilla.

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After a couple minutes add condensed milk, beat again.

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Add vodka infused with oak bark 3 day mix

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The mint mash in a bowl, add the broken chocolate, the other half of cream and melt in a water bath (in the chocolate need to add cream when heated, for that would then when you will be mixing the chocolate with a total weight of he did not take grains). Added to the total mixture, and beat for a few minutes and then pass through a sieve (to separate the mint leaves). insist about 1.5 hours. After that, Bailey is cooling.
In order to whip all of the ingredients for home of Baileys, it is best to use a mixer or blender.