Lemon rice cake in Italian

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Amazing! And in the form of heat, and the cooled pie is spent on grabbing! Delicate, fragrant, elegant dessert!

Ingredients for Lemon rice cake in Italian

Step by step instruction of cooking Lemon rice cake in Italian

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Cook the rice for the pie. The first option is in a heavy-bottomed pan bring milk to a boil, put rice and vanilla and cook until ready under the lid.
The second variant, mine is in the milk and vanilla boil rice in multivarka on mode "porridge".

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Fig use is from TM "Mistral"

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In a pan boil the currants and rum (or water with rum essence) until soft berries.

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Form grease with butter and sprinkle with flour

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In the hot rice, stir sugar, rind of one lemon and put a little cool. Then add the berries

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Whisk the eggs and yolks, gradually add the rice mass. Put all into the prepared form. Sprinkle on top of pie 1 tbsp. sugar

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Bake until Browning the top and to the state of dry wooden toothpicks. The cake rises, the air becomes