Paella Almería

415 - 50 минут 6 порции

During the last 5 years between the families of my friends is a competitive struggle, who will prepare delicious paella. This Saturday I won!!! To compete with the Spaniards the case is complicated (each family a secret), but it is possible. My calculation is simple - the fresher the seafood and a lot of them, the tastier it will turn out paella. Recently the site hosted a week of Mediterranean cuisine, and the cooks provided a variety of options to make paella. Suppose You will be wondering how to prepare this dish in Spain, so to speak, first hand.

Ingredients for Paella Almería

Step by step instruction of cooking Paella Almería

Шаг 1

Prepare the seafood: squid, mussels, cockles and shrimp to clean and wash

Шаг 2

Prizerka base for the paella: onion, green pepper and tomato ( without skin). The Spaniards called fritada.

Шаг 3

Chop finely. Fry in olive oil the onion until transparent, add green pepper and tomato.

Шаг 4

In parallel, cook the broth of the fish. I have bones from salmon. The broth can be prepared from any fish

Шаг 5

Squid cut into rings and add to roast the vegetables for about 10 minutes

Шаг 6

Ready broth drain and add to Piero ( special pan for paella)

Шаг 7

Cook the mussels separately in a hot pan without oil, closing the lid. 3 minutes is enough, what would the shell open.

Шаг 8

Divide it in half. Juice, which is allocated mussels filter and pour into the pan.

Шаг 9

At this stage, salt, pepper to taste, put the saffron and add the round rice. All Spanish Housewives doing measurements ladle - ladle of rice per person. I measured out 6 bowls.

Шаг 10

And a ladle of green peas frozen or fresh ( canned is not necessary). Stir. And now the most important thing in paella - you can no longer INTERFERE. In order that the rice was crumbly, not mushy. diminish the heat to low. You cannot close the lid!

Шаг 11

After 5-7 minutes, spread the shells, press them into the rice with a spatula.

Шаг 12

When the shell opens, try the rice ( should be polorotov - bare solid). Fall asleep and parsley. Lay shrimp and mussels. Sprinkle with lemon

Шаг 13

Covered with foil. Allow to infuse for 5-8 minutes. Paella is ready!

Шаг 14

Noisy company and Paella "in the Chapter" table, a glass of white wine "Rioja ", so likes to spend the weekend the Spanish people. Buen provecho or Bon appetite!