Jelly of red currants without cooking

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Dear cooks, in the height of season berries and blanks them for the winter I want to remind you about the jelly of red currants. I know, I know, on the website there are similar recipes posted but they are long and I decided to publish my painfully delicious jelly! But nothing of benefit to say nothing at all... jelly we do not cook and not even warmed up, vitamins and jump out of the jars... Join!!!

Ingredients for Jelly of red currants without cooking

Step by step instruction of cooking Jelly of red currants without cooking

Шаг 1

Collect the red currants. Or buy. If the berries from your garden and you believe in it, then do not need to wash, and if purchased, it is advisable to wash, but then need to be dried well.

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The berries are freed from unnecessary twigs and leaves. Although the leaves contain too many vitamins! Scrolled all the berries through a meat grinder. I tried using a juicer (I, Borg), but I did not like, as it throws a lot of berries to waste, and they still have then pressing...

Шаг 3

Now the hard part: take a dense nylon fabric, perfectly clean, of course, I cut a piece of unnecessary lace curtains, boil and dry it in the sun. Over a clean pan put the fabric in the middle and put about a Cup of currants and scrolled hand a good squeeze it all up a bit! The cake can be used in compote.

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After scrolling and push-UPS I have 2kg of berries was about 1, 2 liters of juice with pulp and sugar 1, 8 kg, i.e. approximately 1:1.5 is obtained. Gradually pour sugar and stir well with a wooden spoon. To interfere vigorously and need 10 minutes. The juice begins to turn to jelly.

Шаг 5

Spread jelly in a pre-prepared dry and clean jars (I wash with baking soda with mustard and dry all day in the sun or heated in the oven), cover with lids and store in the fridge. If you make jelly in proportion 1:2, it is possible to store in the cellar. The next day, the jelly looks like the photo, and after a month it becomes even more dense!