Ice cream cake with meringue and nuts

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Chilled cake made of crumbled meringue with a crispy filling of hazelnut. Try a slice of this cake, You mentally find yourself in an expensive restaurant in Venice. The taste of this delicious cake will please Your guests.

Ingredients for Ice cream cake with meringue and nuts

Step by step instruction of cooking Ice cream cake with meringue and nuts

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Line a rimmed baking paper bottom and side walls of the split form 20 see, I Have split ring. Meringue coarsely crumble.

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Press it gently to the bottom of the form 1/4 of the meringue crumbs.

Шаг 3

A little hazelnut fry on a dry pan. Cool, cut into finely.

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Whip the cream in a thick dense foam. Enter hazelnuts, brandy and the remaining 2/3 meringue. Gently mix.

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Put on top meringue into the tin and spread the surface.

Шаг 6

Cover with the remaining crumbs of meringue. Press it gently. Cover the form with baking paper and freeze for 10-12 hours.

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To make the sauce. Grind in a blender strawberries, optional pass through a fine sieve to remove seeds. Add the powdered sugar, zest and lemon juice. Put in a bowl with 3-4 tbsp. sauce and spread. For decoration I took 1 tbsp of thick cream, put it in a baggie, cut off corner of bag and squeezed at a distance of 1 cm from each other 4 drops of sour cream to the sauce. Then with a toothpick without departing drew a line from the beginning of the first drop to the last and got the hearts. Remove the cake from the freezer, remove the split ring and paper. Put the dessert on the dish. Let stand 10 minutes, then cut into pieces and place in dish with sauce.