Kebab birthday

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Well, what nature is complete without kebabs?? Probably not what :) That's my birthday, not without him

Ingredients for Kebab birthday

Step by step instruction of cooking Kebab birthday

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I indicated in the recipe portion of 1 kg of meat, but we had a big company and we took 4 kg of meat.
So, cut the meat into pieces, onion rings, always take it hard, it all does not happen. Lay out all the layers, sprinkle with pepper and pour all the mayonnaise and sauce. To give the meat to stand for 20 minutes and mix it up. We had the meat marinated somewhere 4 hours. And just melted in your mouth.

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Sorry, not managed to capture the whole process of cooking, as the collection was in the morning and it was a rush job.
This is me with the raw skewer)

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That was just removed from the fire and again I

Enjoy ALL the recreation