Crab croquettes and mashed potatoes with feta

125 - 70 минут 2 порции

A recipe shared by my Australian friend. Tasted on her Birthday these croquettes, I lost the rest, how gentle they are inside, and what crisp! Everything was just so much that you will be able to repeat! Well, mashed potatoes with feta cheese long ago became my favorite!

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Ingredients for Crab croquettes and mashed potatoes with feta

Step by step instruction of cooking Crab croquettes and mashed potatoes with feta

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Stir with a fork.

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Cut crab meat, not too light, so then came across pieces of crab, so delicious. Mix gently with the dressing, cover with cling film and put in the fridge for an hour so that the dressing thickens.

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At this time, cook the potatoes, not salt. While cooking, take the feta cheese and with your hands or with a fork razmerchik, herbs (I prefer dill) finely chop. When the potato is cooked, make ordinary mashed potatoes, with butter and milk, then add cheese and herbs and stir. Possible during this time to make a salad, I was bored and I made butterflies out of carrots :)

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At the right time to get our crab stuffing, heat the pan, make balls of mince with wet hands, dip them in breadcrumbs and fry from both sides. After spread on a paper towel. Serve! Bon appetit!