Fresh "guests"

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Amaze your guests. They do not serve tea-coffee-lemonade and cooked in front of a crowd fresh from fresh berries. Everyone can enjoy a drink according to your taste - it is necessary to prepare several kinds of berries and fruits. I assure you, the impressions of the evening will be most enjoyable!

Ingredients for Fresh "guests"

Step by step instruction of cooking Fresh "guests"

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My berries

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and remove twigs, leaves

Шаг 3

Stones from the cherries is better to remove in advance

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So nice to see how from the spout of the juicer is flowing thick, beautiful juice!
Juicer SCARLETT SL-JE51S02 allows to achieve the purity of the juice up to 92%, it recycles 10 times more fruits and vegetables.
Juice enough for the entire company!
Squeeze the juice, mix with mineral water and serve immediately.