Pumpkin porridge with oatmeal in a slow cooker

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Gave my husband a slow cooker... I Thought people were wondering what the first there to cook.. Daughter ordered pumpkin porridge. Although we did not eat milk porridge... Well, not like we all... Well, you asked for it.. But since the house has one oatmeal, then started looking for a recipe and found... scoured the Internet and found this wonderful recipe. Alone, all alone... But the truth is, the proportions I've changed a bit... the Porridge was so delicious that I myself personally eat 1.5 servings at a time. And my daughter ordered every morning, I was preparing just such a mess. Help yourself and you!

Ingredients for Pumpkin porridge with oatmeal in a slow cooker

Step by step instruction of cooking Pumpkin porridge with oatmeal in a slow cooker

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Pumpkin cleaned, cut into pieces, cook in steam for 20 minutes.

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Mash these to her. I pounded with a pestle for mashed potatoes.

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The bowl to grease with vegetable or butter.
Add the oatmeal, salt and sugar.

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Add the pumpkin.

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Pour the milk and add water.
If you are going to cook porridge for little kids, then take more water-300 ml.

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Switch mode "Control". Selectable time: 25 minutes temperature - 100 degrees.
And voila... your Porridge is ready! Not stuck, tender and very tasty...

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This Sunny and very useful...
For a little sweet tooth I added 1 teaspoon of honey directly into the bowl...
Me sweets enough.

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Help yourself and you!