Caviar squash

83 - 120 минут -

Very tasty and unusual squash caviar. So preparing the mother of my son-in-law, I recommend to cook and taste everything. Sure you will like it.

Ingredients for Caviar squash

Step by step instruction of cooking Caviar squash

Шаг 1

Zucchini peel and seeds

Шаг 2

Cook bell pepper, cleanse it from the seeds

Шаг 3

To peel 3 heads of garlic and 3 chilli

Шаг 4

Spices needed for cooking eggs

Шаг 5

Zucchini finely chop and blend right in the pot in which you cook the eggs

Шаг 6

In shredded zucchini add the bell pepper and chili

Шаг 7

In a blender, blend the zucchini and peppers

Шаг 8

Pour a Cup of vegetable oil, bring to boil and simmer over low heat 40 minutes

Шаг 9

The garlic through the masher

Шаг 10

After 40 minutes of stewing, add the Cup of sugar and 2 tablespoons of salt

Шаг 11

Add the garlic, stir well and simmer for 30 minutes

Шаг 12

10 minutes before the end of extinguishing add the tomato paste and stir

Шаг 13

Also add a teaspoon of vinegar and 10 minutes to finish cooking

Шаг 14

Hot pour into jars and close with lids.

Шаг 15

Tasty potatoes, with pasta, with meat, with fish and some bread :)