BlackBerry-cherry-strawberry jelly

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BlackBerry - a berry interesting. Fresh and delicious, and in baking, sauces and marmalades are produced from wonderful. And very beautiful. About cherries and tell you do not, Queen! Strawberries - our all. And all together - very tasty and healthy! Try this magical jelly!

Ingredients for BlackBerry-cherry-strawberry jelly

Step by step instruction of cooking BlackBerry-cherry-strawberry jelly

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With its help we will prepare the juice from the blackberries...

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... cherry

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Fresh juice (the mix) off to the side. Cake fill with water, put sugar and bring to the boil, pass through a sieve

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In half a glass of water diluted with starch, add the lemon juice, pour the mixture into the broth, bring to a boil. Proverjaem, stirring, until thick. The cooled jelly pour the mixture of fresh juices BlackBerry, strawberry and cherry.