Jelly "Orange-lemon-plum with ginger"

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Delicious, vitamin! It's a sin not to pamper the family a useful Kyselka! A bright, fresh taste!

Ingredients for Jelly "Orange-lemon-plum with ginger"

Step by step instruction of cooking Jelly "Orange-lemon-plum with ginger"

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... lemon

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Wonderful mix of juices! And it is possible to use & cake.

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Which contains many useful and delicious

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Juicer SCARLETT SL-JE51S02 - a great tool for making mix of juices.
Innovative system of collecting meal works like this: the cake is pressed in special compartments of the inner filter and is easily removed.
It in one second, you can collect and prepare... a delicious jelly!

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Marc bred a glass of water, bring to the boil, drain

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Into the hot broth, pour the diluted syrup and starch, put the ginger, cook until thick, mix with juices