Diet chicken kebabs

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Who likes to eat tasty meat? You are here:) the Recipe is very simple, always turns out to cheer, and most importantly, without harm to the figures! The meat melts in your mouth, tender, soft, with fresh vegetables-mmm) you Can eat in the evening and not to worry because it is even useful-a solid protein! A barbecue will be the perfect replacement for greasy, fresh and not always about the roast pork, lamb, veal, etc.)

Ingredients for Diet chicken kebabs

Step by step instruction of cooking Diet chicken kebabs

Шаг 1

Breast/fillet cut into pieces for skewers.

Шаг 2

Add favorite spices. I had the herbes de Provence, pepper and seasoning for chicken:) ATTENTION: do not add salt! If the meat is salt-it will not be as soft and juicy as I would like) And Yes, I put one Bay leaf)

Шаг 3

Add to the chicken in the soy sauce and yogurt, look for yourself, many do not, purely as a marinade, stir.
Cut onion into rings. We press the garlic. Add to the chicken and mix again. Leave for two hours, overnight (in the fridge).