The juice from the rhubarb

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We are now adding to salad dressings, lemon juice, and the Soviet times, fruit was tight. That's why she did the juice from the rhubarb, and using it for dressings instead of vinegar and lemon. Only the process was time-consuming twist through a meat grinder and push-UPS in gauze. With the advent of juicers, the process is considerably accelerated. If you have not decided what to do with rhubarb, this recipe might come in handy.

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Step by step instruction of cooking The juice from the rhubarb

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Since I have a juicer Scarlett SL-JE51S01 with super-tough titanium knives and i-motoром I decided to trust her such a difficult job, because rhubarb is very fibrous. In spite of such a difficult, quite rude vegetable juicer is not satisfied with the noise and strong speeds, it is quiet.

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From rhubarb cut off the leaves, wash, dry and skip through the juicer. Rhubarb had to miss 2 times. First time in the tank for a cake was a lot of juice and pressed rhubarb. After the second time of the juice in the tank for a cake, almost nebylo and the fibers of the rhubarb was almost dry.

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Of the 450 gr. rhubarb turned out 300 ml of juice. To give the juice settles and strain through a thick cloth. The juice is a beautiful pink color.

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The fresh juice can go in the fridge and drink within three days, be sure to diluting with water or other juice. Rhubarb juice delivers to the body the so-called ballast substances is the main task of which is the presence of toxins and fats. Which in turn has beneficial effects on reducing excess weight. And, you can cook delicious and healthy lemonade! About this in the next recipe.