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Canned. Suitable for Breakfast, dinner and as a snack

Ingredients for Macdos

Step by step instruction of cooking Macdos

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The process is labor intensive, but worth it. This is a recipe my mother in law. A sample process you can look here.

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Eggplant release from the stems, wash and boil until tender. Drain the water, eggplant to cool and make small incisions. Through these incisions we salt our eggplant, salt on the tip of a knife and grease the inside of each eggplant. Do be careful not to damage the eggplant. Spread on a colander or mesh and leave for 2 days to drain fluid and they are quite sour.

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Garlic pounded with salt (through chesnokodavilku), salt 1 tsp, add pepper paste and stir.

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On each eggplant take half a teaspoon of the filling and 1/4 of walnut. The nuts can be chopped and mixed with peppers and garlic, but it is interesting when inside there is a piece of whole nut.

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Put stuffed eggplants in the prepared jars up to the shoulder and turn over on a plate upside down. Leave it so until then, until no leakage. Periodically released liquid is drained.

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After stops draining the liquid, the banks turn over and fill with oil so that the eggplants were covered with 1-2 fingers. Close the lids and put it in the cupboard.

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Can eat immediately, but they become better with time, after about a week they become slightly sour. And then our Magus is ready.

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Now when of storage it is only necessary to see that the eggplant is not covered with mold. And to my taste, longer than a year to store them is not necessary, as the flesh of eggplant begins to lose its fibrous texture.

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And I can't tell you what they be similar in taste, the main thing Magus than fresh, so it tastes better.

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Eat Magus with a small amount of oil where it is. The remaining oil can be used in salads.
Bon appetit.
p. s. mother-in-law prepares about 10 kg, as they are eaten at times.