Orange-chocolate sauce

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Well, I love sometimes in the morning when nowhere to hurry and the child has already eaten, enjoy a delicious strong tea with toast or with pancakes.. And if they submit such a delicious sauce - the morning will be just fabulous!!!

Ingredients for Orange-chocolate sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Orange-chocolate sauce

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Cooking this sauce will not take you much time!
The first thing you should squeeze the juice from the orange. Thanks to the juicer Scarlett is a matter of a few seconds.
Because orange still have to clean, suggest you remove the first with orange zest - even more flavors of our sauce. Peel and finely chop.
Peeled orange squeeze on the program CITRUS - juice a lot, cake - one partition film!

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In a small saucepan pour our juice, zest, chocolate, broken into slices and cinnamon with chilli to taste (I added a pinch of both).
Heat, stirring over medium heat until complete dissolution of chocolate.

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The sauce cool and serve.
All a pleasant appetite!