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Flaky pastry with filling.

Ingredients for Vol-AU-vents

Step by step instruction of cooking Vol-AU-vents

Шаг 1

Roll the dough about half a centimeter thick, glass or other way to make circles with a diameter of 4-6 centimeters, and still the same size just with a smaller hole in the middle.
Put on a greased paper, greased liaison, before reaching the edge, and cover with a ring, is obtained as well

Шаг 2

This time will be dedicated to PRAYER, at other times, liver, garlic, onion, rosemary, caraway seeds, wash, peel, cut, fry, how quickly it happened.
Liver clean and cut, as the onions will become your favorite color flavor, you know - the time has come for the liver.

Шаг 3

Put the liver and fry for a couple minutes, once white in the middle - ready, and be sure to remove the liver from the frying pan to stop further heating.

Шаг 4

Hard-boiled egg mash with a fork, add the green onions and a spoonful of Dijon mustard, combine with liver and fill came to the rescue by this time volanchiki,

Шаг 5

If the first time the vol-AU-vents did not work, do not worry,
get hot liver salad with mini rolls of puff pastry

Шаг 6

A nice dinner or just a great appetizer to any table.