Cake "honey velvet"

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I love to bake biscuits in a slow cooker because they come out very lush. In order to bake this cake, I used my favorite assistant-multi. What happened, now you will show.

Ingredients for Cake "honey velvet"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "honey velvet"

Шаг 1

Divide the eggs into yolks and whites

Шаг 2

Whisk the whites to a froth

Шаг 3

Add half of the sugar, continuing to whisk at maximum speed

Шаг 4

Should be a brilliant white mass

Шаг 5

2 tsp coffee pour 3/4 Cup of boiling water and leave until cool

Шаг 6

Whisk the egg yolks with the other half of sugar until white, add the honey

Шаг 7

Pour cold coffee

Шаг 8

Add the vegetable oil and soda

Шаг 9

Last add portions of the flour. Well, beat with a mixer

Шаг 10

Carefully spoon or spatula should be mixed whites into the yolk

Шаг 11

The Cup multivarki grease with butter and spread it in the pastry

Шаг 12

Put in the Baking - I baked for 50 minutes. Because I have multicolours, I bake with open valve.

Шаг 13

After the program will give the stop signal, wait 10 minutes, then open the lid and allow the cake to stand for a while, the cake itself will depart from the walls of the bowl

Шаг 14

Once the cake has cooled, cut it into 4 Korzh

Шаг 15

For the cream beat butter at room temperature and cold condensed milk

Шаг 16

One cake should be crushed using a blender into crumbs

Шаг 17

Coat with cream cakes, and then the sides and top of cake

Шаг 18

Then the whole cake sprinkle with crumbs. Remove the cake in the fridge for a while, the cream has hardened. Enjoy your tea!