Muffins new

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Like the pastries as well as I love her?) Often, it is not particularly useful, and I found a delicious recipe "healthy" muffins that will not leave marks on the figure (if you eat in reasonable quantities). Without flour, oil, available, cheap ingredients, nutritional value, pleasant taste-it's all about them:)

Ingredients for Muffins new

Step by step instruction of cooking Muffins new

Шаг 1

Pour the oat flakes coarse kefir and leave to swell for an hour

Шаг 2

Well my raisins and soak for 15-20 minutes in warm water

Шаг 3

After hours swollen flakes add eggs and mix well. Add sugar and also mix well. Then, soda, salt and spices, stir, + vegetable oil, and also what do we do? Correctly, mix up:)

Шаг 4

Begin to gradually add the oat flakes of fast preparation (half a Cup). The dough should get quite thick, so to speak "to stay on the spoon" (like thick cream)

Шаг 5

Add the raisins, stir. It is possible more will be even tastier:)

Шаг 6

Fill our the form of tests, not completely, as the muffins rise well (she could not believe my eyes)
I have silicone molds, can be in paper, just grease required:)
In duhovochku at 190-180 degrees, 30 minutes:)

Шаг 7

And voila-our PP muffins ready:) Tall, rosy-cheeked, beautiful, delicious and healthy! Enjoy life, do not forget about health!) By the way, I put two cupcakes on the icing, on trial:)

Шаг 8

And even so:))) they Taste peculiar, interesting, I BV said) to Guess where they are made will not be easy:)